About EASC

The purpose of any service structure or committee in Narcotics Anonymous is to help the suffering addict gain recovery though the Fellowship of Narcotic Anonymous (NA). This is what Eastern Area Service Committee of the Oklahoma Region is all about. There are no ruling bodies in NA – only trusted servants and the committees on which they serve. The EASC is directly responsible to those it serves – The Eastern Area of the OK Region; which is one of four area service committees in the OK Region. The EASC is ever mindful of the spiritual principles expressed in the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of NA.

Eastern Area Service Committee was formed in September of 1985. Its current boundaries are, in general, the north eastern part of Oklahoma, although at times groups just across the state’s boarders have joined EASC. EASC is essentially comprised of recognized groups who chose to be part of and join the Area Service Committee as they become registered with the World Service Office. Meetings, which want to become registered groups, are also supported in their growth process.

EASC strives to be a true voice and true conscience of NA unity within its boundaries. EASC strives to provide structure necessary to carry the NA message of recovery so that all those suffering addicts may find recovery through the fellowship of NA Eastern Area. It strives to coordinate the business and activities common to the welfare of recognized groups within the Eastern Area; to support the common needs of these groups; to resolve any situations that cannot be handled by these groups while respecting their autonomy; and ultimately by these means to unify, not homogenize NA these groups.

EASC also serves as a link to Oklahoma Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (OK RSCNA). It also facilitates communications with other Area Service Committees. While acting within the Twelve Traditions, the EASC is also responsible for maintaining appropriate representation and facilitating appropriate communications with outside institutions, programs, facilities and general public, which may or may not have direct impact, or interest in NA as it functions within local communities.

How does this all work? Where does it happen? Who does the work?
NA members in general are at the most important level of the service structure. Members elect a Group Service Representative and an Alternate (GSR) to represent their Home Group at the EASC. Those representatives along with any other caring NA members attend the Area Service Committee meetings, which are conducted on the last Sunday of each month. The meetings are hosted in rotation by the groups, which it serves. The Service Committee has elected Trusted Servants who are nominated from the general NA membership and elected by the voting members. The Area Service Committee trusted servants include a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Committee Member (RCM), Alternate RCM, Web Contact and Chairpersons for standing Subcommittees; Literature, Hospitals & Institutions, Public Relations, Outreach and Activities.
Any caring NA member may attend EASC, have a voice and participate in and learn how the Twelfth Step is worked at any level of service work. EASC encourages all to attend. Just as the Steps work for the addict giving freedom to the individual, so freedom springs for the groups and the committees that serve them.


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Post Office Box 2243
Owasso, OK 74055